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At Bauns’ Chimney Sweeping, we talk a lot about the importance of chimney inspections and we do that for good reason as you can imagine. But during the inspection process, we catch things like broken or cracked fireplace panels. Regardless of how often you use your fireplace, a chimney inspection can catch the little things you may not notice so that the next time you use your fireplace, it’s functioning properly.


What Are Fireplace Refractory Panels

Refactory panels are a simple and cost-effective way of improving the look of your fireplace. Many homes today are built with fireplace inserts for gas or wood fires that have refactory panels in them. The panels are built with high-quality materials to withstand the extreme heat of a gas or wood fires and serve two main purposes:

  1. Reflect the heat generated from the fire back into the home.
  2. Keep heat from penetrating the firebox and causing damage.

If you notice your refactory panels are wearing or cracking, get it inspected to make sure if they need replacing. Regardless, routine chimney inspections can help detect if you need your refactory fireplace panels replaced.

Prevent Unintended Fires

Chimney fires can completely disrupt our lives and sense of safety, but in most cases, they can be avoided.

Prefabricated or refactory fireplace panels that go into a fireplace insert cannot handle the same intensity of heat from a fire the way firebricks can handle the heat. That’s not to say firebrick and mortar cannot crack over time, but generally speaking, they can handle fire better. This does not mean Refractory panels cannot handle intense heat either, they are specifically built to withstand extreme heat. But regardless of whether you use a fireplace with prefabricated panels or firebrick, we can help with firebrick repair or fireplace panel replacement if you have cracking.

When you have fireplace panels that are cracked, they can no longer protect your home from the heat of a fire.

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How do fireplace panels become cracked?

Fireplace panels can crack for a number of reasons:

  • Heating and cooling cycles.
  • They can freeze and thaw which could cause cracking.
  • Fires that are too intense can possibly cause cracking.
  • Throwing a heavy log in the fireplace that impacts the panels can crack them.
  • Normal wear and tear over time.

Don’t Use A Fireplace with Cracked Panels

It seems like an obvious statement, but unless you see the cracks yourself or have a chimney sweep spot the cracks, many homeowners will still use their fireplace with cracks in the panels – knowingly and unknowingly.

Fireplace panels are designed to withstand the heat from fires, but when they do crack, they’re no-longer properly insulating your home from the fire. Having a professional check the integrity of your fireplace panels during a routine inspection can save your home from a possible chimney fire.

Do You Need Your Fireplace Panels Replaced?

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Refactory panels are easy to install. We can drill and cut them out with no problem. Refactory panels come in several different sizes and designs that can easily fit your firebox. If you notice that your fireplace panels are cracked or eroded, it is time to replace them.

If you have fireplace panels that need replacing, we have the tools, the skills, and suppliers to help.

Need your chimney panels replaced?

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