History of a Chimney Sweeps Top Hat & Tails

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History of a Chimney Sweeps Top Hat & Tails

History of a Chimney Sweeps Top Hat & Tails

Chimney sweeping is considered the oldest profession in the world and it became a necessity since the urbanization of the modern cities. As more houses and homes begin to pop up and population multiplied, there was a rise in the demand of chimney sweeps.

The sustained presence of the profession of chimney sweep has led to a number of legends.  Both men and women have been practicing the trade of chimney sweep for hundreds of years. Though a messy work, it was essential and was far from glamorous.

Why the Top Hats & Tails?

Numerous legends and stories are attached as to why a chimney sweep wears top hats and tails.

One legend has it that in the 1700s, King George was riding his horse in Old England and it was startled by the barking of a dog. A chimney sweep grabbed the reins of the horse and calmed it. This way a catastrophe was prevented. The King was very grateful and wished to honor the chimney sweep who saved his life by keeping him out of the way of a runaway horse and carriage. The grateful king declared that from them on, sweeps would be considered lucky. And he awarded the profession of chimney sweeping the special credit of wearing top hats that was a custom reserved for the gentry and royalty in those times.

According to another story, it is said that in order to raise the status of the profession of chimney sweeping in the community, chimney sweeps got discarded clothing from the local funeral directors. These cast-offs consisted of a black coat with tails, a black top hat that was quite fashionable in those times.

The outfit proved to be very practical being black in color and gave a feel or distinction to the dirty though necessary job of chimney sweeping. Small children were employed as chimney sweep because of their size but being a dirty job, young children were given tails and top hats to feel better about their profession and status. It played an important role in giving kids the self-esteem they wanted. The black attire not only proved to be practical clothing but gave the kids pride in their work.

Soon enough, the tradition caught on and top hat and tails became the de facto uniform of the chimney sweeps that has stuck right into the present day as well. The chimney sweeps of today take their job as seriously as before and it is just as important as it was centuries ago.

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