Wood Burning Stove Cleaning

Video: Wood Burning Stove Cleaning

Wood Burning Stove Cleaning

Cleaning Your Wood Stove and Chimney

In this video, Michael of Baun’s Chimney Sweeping went to the home of Matt, owner of Legacy Painting (a full-service residential painting and commercial painting company in Indianapolis), to clean out their wood burning stove.

Wood burning stoves are a great way to heat your home in the winter.  However, sometimes it can get hot enough in the home that some homeowners with wood stoves will open a few windows – not a bad problem to have especially when it’s below freezing outside.

Wood stoves can come in all types of shapes and sizes, but one thing is certain – they all need to be cleaned regularly and a good local chimney sweep can help to keep your stove performing in tip-top shape.

how to clean wood stove glass window

Whether you have a wood burning stove or a fireplace that burns wood or gas, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to have it cleaned annually.  Matt understood the importance of having a routine chimney inspection and cleaning but we were still able to help with some technical questions with routine maintenance and the bricks inside the stove.

Wood Stove Glass Door Cleaning Tip

One of the pointers we were able to give is “how to clean the glass windows on the wood stove doors.” When you notice the glass windows on a wood stove becoming charred and difficult to see through, simply grab some newspaper, dip it in some water, then dip it into the ashes.  Once you’ve wet and ash-covered the newspaper, just wipe the glass with the newspaper. This will clean that glass beautifully without having to purchase a special chemical cleaner from the store.

If you’re looking to have a professional chimney sweep in Indianapolis or surrounding areas clean your wood burning stove and chimney, consider Baun’s Chimney Sweeping!